My Work
  1. Cake Server
    Cake Server
    Handles are turned from acrylic
  2. Pasta Serving Set
    Pasta Serving Set
    The handles are turned from acrylic
  3. Faith, Love and Hope twist pen
    Faith, Love and Hope twist pen
    Turned from Gold w/White Thread and Gold hardware
  4. Orion Fountain Pen and Roller Pens
    Orion Fountain Pen and Roller Pens
  5. Gearshift Pen
    Gearshift Pen
    Ideal for any car enthusiast. The mechanism design is based off a five-speed H pattern shifter and can be shifted just like the real thing. The cap features a car tire with a true to life thread and hubcap. The tip features the same tire tread as the cap. The shifter handle includes an etched five-speed pattern. The industrialized crowbar clip attached to the body with two small screws rounds out the design.
  6. Revolver Click Pens
    Revolver Click Pens
    Looks and works just like a real revolver. It's the perfect gift for the gun aficionado. When you press the click mechanism the pen tip extends. Then, when you pull the hairpin trigger pen clip the tip retracts while the 6-barrel cylinder quickly spins to replicate you firing the gun.
  7. Faith, Love and Hope Pen
    Faith, Love and Hope Pen
    The pen is turned from White w/Black Thread With Pewter Hardware
  8. Faith, Love and Hope Twist Pen
    Faith, Love and Hope Twist Pen
    This pen is turned from Orange w/Black Swirl Acrylic Antique Brass Hardware
  9. Nouveau Sceptre Ball Point
    Nouveau Sceptre Ball Point
    This pen is turned from Green/Black Swirl with Gun Metal hardware
  10. LED Flashlight
    LED Flashlight
    This flashlight is turned from Green, Yellow & Black Acrylic It takes two AAA batteries not included
  11. Executive Twist Pen in Chrome
    Executive Twist Pen in Chrome
    The barrel is turned from Cocobolo
  12. Deer Hunter Bolt Action in Antique Brass
    Deer Hunter Bolt Action in Antique Brass
    This pen is turned from Spalted Maple Burl
  13. Workshop/sketch Pencil
    Workshop/sketch Pencil
    This pencil is turned from Camelthorn
  14. Cheese Knife and Fork
    Cheese Knife and Fork
    Great for serving your favorite cheese. Cutting boards sold seperate
  15. Letter Opener
    Letter Opener
    This letter opener is 6 inches long. Gold with Purple and Black Acrylic.
  16. Seam Ripper
    Seam Ripper
    This seam ripper has an interchangeable tip. The tip can be pulled out and inserted into the body for safe transport and storage. It is turned from Lava Bright acrylic.
  17. Light Pull
    Light Pull
    Good for ceiling fans/lights and shades. Turned from Lava Bright Acrylic
  18. Light Pull Chain
    Light Pull Chain
    This is perfect for your ceiling fan and light. How about a window shade. It is turned from Macassar Ebony.
  19. Deer Hunter Bolt Action pen
    Deer Hunter Bolt Action pen
    The pen tip features a engraving of an authentic trophy deer mount. The rustically antiqued plating brings out the wonderful details of the engraved design. The cap has a deer themed design with a deer mount pen clip with a sight scope. The bolt action extends and retracts the pen tip. It is turned from Spalted Hackberry with Antique Pewter.
  20. Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set
    Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set
    The handle will let you swap out hooks. Flip the hooks to easily store into its handle. 6 interchangeable metal crochet hooks. Sizes C/2, D3, E4, FS,G/6, and H/8 Includes a convenient travel box.
  21. Coffee Scoop 2tbsp
    Coffee Scoop 2tbsp
    This is a 2tbsp coffee scoop turned out of Turquoise/Red Swirl
  22. Coffee Scoop 1tbsp
    Coffee Scoop 1tbsp
    This is a 1tbsp coffee scoop turned with Lt Green/Dk Green Thread Acrylic
  23. Slimline Twist Pens
    Slimline Twist Pens
    The Barrels on these pens are a little larger for bigger hands. On the left is Emerald Green Silk with 24kt Gold On the right is Gold/White Swirl with Satin hardware
  24. Slimline Pens
    Slimline Pens
    These stylish slimline twist pens feature hand turned wood or acrylic barrels. It accepts cross-style refills. From left to right : A) Exotic wood with Satin hardware B) Copper Swirl Acrylic with Satin hardware C) Purple/Black Swirl with Gun Metal hardware D) Cocobolo wood with chrome hardware
  25. Mach3 Razor Handle in Chrome
    Mach3 Razor Handle in Chrome
    The Gillette Mach3 razor is one of the world's most popular blades. The razor handle is designed to fit into your hand.
  26. American Patriot Twist Pen
    American Patriot Twist Pen
    The pen clip features a red, white and blue American flag and handsomely cast Bald Eagle emblem. The pen end features a laurel leaf, a symbol of victory and a popular motif in the Federal style of architecture. The pen top features an etched USA and laurel leaf stamp. Also on the tip and end are Doric column influenced designs, which appear on many American government buildings. God Bless America is intricately etched into the pen band. From left to right: A) Turned out of Rainbow Swirl Aquabright Acrylic with Chrome Hardware B) Turned out of Macassar Ebony bottom and Oak top wood with Antique Brass
  27. Music Twist Pens
    Music Twist Pens
    The pen cap features a realistically inspired snare drum. The pen clip replicates the head, neck and strings of a guitar. The center band features piano keys while the tip of the pen features music notes and symbols. From left to right A) This pen is turned out of Gold Ruby Silk Acrylic with 24kt hardware B) This pen is turned out of White/Black Thread Acrylic with Antigue Pewter hardware C) This pen is turned out of Ebony lower part and Birdseye upper part Wood with Antique Brass
  28. Fly Fishing Pen
    Fly Fishing Pen
    This will wow ant fly fisherman. The pen top features a traditional open spooled fly fishing reel with detailed fly line on the spool. The pen clip is a fly fishing rod that replicates the trout fighting on the line. The pen tip features a 360-degree outdoors scene of a lone fisherman casing his line in front of an intricately detailed mountain back drop.
  29. Salt and Pepper Grinder
    Salt and Pepper Grinder
    Hand turned on my lathe Chrome Hardware
  30. Cutting Board
    Cutting Board
    This cutting board is made from Maple and Purpleheart wood.
  31. Detachable Keychain
    Detachable Keychain
    The barrel is hand turned on the lathe in a Copper with Gold Thread Acrylic. The hardware is chrome plated
  32. Nouveau Sceptre Pen with Rhodium
    Nouveau Sceptre Pen with Rhodium
    This pen was turned on my lathe with acrylic Rainbow Swirl. Rhodium is a silvery-white transition metal. It holds the distinction of being the worlds most expensive precious metal. part of rhodium's appeal comes from it's high reflective almost unique among the metals. It is sometimes used as an expensive and flashy alternative to silver in jewelry, on which it is sometimes plated. Some of the most expensive consumer items in the world are made from rhodium. $80.00 with free shipping
  33. Wooden Bottle Stopper
    Wooden Bottle Stopper
    This is hand turned with Swamp Ash. The stopper is a stainless steel mini bottle cone.
  34. Diamond Wrapped Pen
    Diamond Wrapped Pen
    This pen is diamond wrapped and sealed with flex coat just like on your fishing pole. This is a unique style pen that would look good on any sportsman's desk.
  35. Slimline Figured Maple Twist Pen
    Slimline Figured Maple Twist Pen
    Turned out of Figured Maple with Chrome Plated Hardware
  36. Bolt Action Tech Pen
    Bolt Action Tech Pen
    This pen is turned out of Patriotic Camo and has chrome plated fittings. The cap can be replaced with a stylus tip that comes with the pen. The bolt action pen works just like a real gun. Use the bolt at the end of the pen to extend and retract the refill thru a .30 caliber bullet casing.
  37. Coffee Scoop
    Coffee Scoop
    Cost $20.00 This is a great gift for any connoisseur. The handle is hand turned out of exotic wood and a gold scoop.
  38. Twist and Fountain Pens
    Twist and Fountain Pens
    Assortment of slimline pens, Fountain and Rollerball Pens
  39. Firefighters Ballpoint Pen
    Firefighters Ballpoint Pen
    Firefighters and first responders choose to work under the most dangerous conditions imaginable. This Firefighters Ballpoint Pen was designed to honor and remember Firefighters First Responders and their bravery and commitment to keeping the community im
  40. Motorcycle Twist Pen
    Motorcycle Twist Pen
    Anyone with a passion for motorcycles can relate to the pure adrenaline and exhilarated feeling when being on two wheels, not having a care in the world and the freedom, the open road, its the only place where life makes perfect sense. This pen symbolizes the ultimate in American icon history with it's classic Springer Style front end and evil skull headlight. Etched choppers on the upper plated barrel. It features a single twist mechanism with a parker style refill.
  41. Cutting Board
    Cutting Board
    Cutting board made from Walnut and Hard Maple
  42. Double Seam Ripper
    Double Seam Ripper
    There is a large blade on one end and a small blade on the other end. Pull the blade out and turn it around and slide it back into the body. This is for safe storage and transport.
  43. Salt and Pepper shaker
    Salt and Pepper shaker
    Turned from Bocote
  44. Candle Center Piece
    Candle Center Piece
  45. Light/Fan Pulls
    Light/Fan Pulls
    Turned from Acrylic
  46. Cheese Board
    Cheese Board
  47. Bracelet Assist
    Bracelet Assist
  48. Key Chain with Secret Compartment and Whistle
    Key Chain with Secret Compartment and Whistle
  49. Pepper Grinder
    Pepper Grinder
    This good looking pepper grinder is turned from Maple Wood.